Cherry Red Casino, the best for UK players

Under the old motto “Don’t mess with success,” Cherry Red Casino continues in its winning ways in offering big bonuses, special promotions for games beyond online slots, and great adaptability to Netbook technology. The look at Cherry Red was tops a year ago and the design is still engaging and fresh without being obstrusive – or choppy in the no-download casino version.

The real stopper of course is the promise of $7,777 in welcome bonuses spread out over first 10 deposits at $777 each. Even better for blackjack and video poker players are the first-deposit bonuses created especially for them. Each offers a 200% match bonus for up to $1,200 on first deposit – and with much more reasonable playthrough requirements than table game players are used to getting anywhere else, that’s for sure.

The no-download casino at Cherry Red now stocks about 60 casino games, including sharp-looking video poker and blackjack variations. Cherry Red is powered by RealTime Gaming software, so that means lost of tournament action and that the casino accepts UK players.

So what are you waiting for? For one of the best in Internet gaming – particularly for the Netbook – it’s got to be Cherry Red. Check it out, haul in the big bonus and give your Netbook a distinctly Cherry Red flavor!

Play Microgaming’s three new slot games

The best thing about new online casino sites and theirs slot games these days is that most of them are produced with the ever more popular Netbook in mind. Microgaming is one game software creator that has been taking care of its small-screenslot players lately, with three great-playing games released in July and an exclusive “243 ways” slot at Palace Group casinos.

If you haven’t yet played Microgaming’s three July offerings – The Argyle Open, Lion’s Pride and Dragon Lady – do so, as all are great fun on the Netbook and have big max wins.

Lion’s Pride is a great-looking game based in African wildlife with a top payout of 62,500. (Incidentally, Palace Group casinos will be donating part of the proceeds wagered on this game to humanitarian efforts in Africa, so now you have two reasons to try it.) The Argyle Open is another take on the always popular golf theme and Dragon Lady is a slick-looking Asian-themed game with a top payout of 100,000 coins in the bonus game.

And coming this month to the Palace Group is an exclusive new slot game appropriately titled “The Palace Groupie.” Palace Groupie is the latest in the “243 Ways” line of Microgaming games – always a popular variant – but remember you can only get this one at the group’s four casinos, including Casino Netbook’s recommendation, Spin Palace Casino.

Spin Palace’s no download casino packs a full supply of 200 Microgaming slots, including new games introduced monthly – This is definitely a casino to keep up with, so register today!

Sports Betting Tips Info

Sports betting may only seem to be an entertainment which doesn’t need any skills – only the desire to enjoy oneself. But apparently, the sports betting system will seem to be rather complicated for a newbie. It involves tactics and skills in order to make the entertainment successful. Placing a bet is not just the question of availability of money. There exist sports betting tips for those who wants not only to enjoy the process itself but not to fall between two stools.

First of all it is important to know that sports betting tips may be found anywhere in the Internet, because online betting becomes more and more popular and of course there are those who want to share their experience and knowledge with the beginners. The most important sports betting tips, where all “experts” unite, is not to bet more money than you can afford and definitely not to bet all your money at once. The best thing to do would be to divide it between several games.

Another sports betting tip comparises understanding the silliness of doing what the majority does. It is totally unwise to bet on this or that team if it gets at least 85% of the betting population? because it only seems to be the bet where the easy money is waiting for you while it is not.

Another sports betting tip: before taking any decision you should visit a couple of sports betting sites such as Winner Sports where bettors may share their experience in chatting rooms.

Sports betting tips may bring you not only the knowledge about the wagering system but there is also possibility to make a fortune if you use all the tips wisely and in appropriate time. Though it is also important to know whether the site where you want to place the bet is reliable.